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Ministry Model

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The following is the Ministry we use as a team for healing the soul.  We believe that you can use this method at home alongside other people, or even on your own, to achieve healing in your wounded souls. This can be done as many times as needed.

Make sure before you begin you pray for a covering of the Blood of Jesus Christ as protection over and around you, your family, home, property, health, pets and belongings. This is the prayer we use in the beginning of a session:

Pre-session Prayers *******Explain Ministry to Client then play a song of worship

“Father God in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son and by the Power of Your Holy Spirit we pray that You would guide us all today. Father God we enter Your gates with thanksgiving and go into Your courts with praise; we give thanks to You and praise Your name. We come boldly to the throne of grace, so that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in our time of need.  We ask Father God for protection and a covering of the Blood of Jesus Christ over us and our loved ones (including our pets and belongings) as well as all things within our sphere of influence.  We ask that You would clothe us all in the full armour of God mentioned in Ephesians 6 to stand against the wiles of the devil.  (2 Thessalonians 3:3, NKJV) But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.” 

 ***** (SKYPE) – We pray protection and a covering of the Blood of Jesus over the electrical and electronic systems, the internet, and the screens in which we are viewing one another.  We repent for anything we or others have listened to or viewed on the aforementioned screens that was offensive and against the ways of God.     

 "We pray for Godly and necessary manifestations and bind all ungodly and unnecessary manifestations. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth we bind all human flesh and demonic spirits including thrones, dominions, principalities, strongmen, rulers of darkness, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly places from attacking and harming us, our families, our pets, our Ministries, our houses, homes and properties, our businesses, our health and our belongings. We bind you from distractions, interference, transference, blocking and counterfeiting the Holy Spirit. We call upon Jesus Christ and His Heavenly forces to disarm you and declare 'The Lord rebuke you'. We remind you what Jesus spoke in Matthew 18, “that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven”. (Luke 10:19, NKJV) - Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you‘. All demons that are identified during this session are commanded to leave immediately and all demons under the authority of, and/or in a group with these demons are commanded to follow. We close all channels of infiltration and command any astral travellers to leave in the name and power given to us by Jesus Christ. We cut of your power to astral travel to us, our families and our homes in Jesus name.  We bind the demons who give you this power to astral travel in Jesus name. We break all ungodly soul ties connected to ourselves, our homes, pets and belongings that give demons and astral traveller’s access to us.  We ask You Jesus to deal with any demons and astral travellers who are refusing to leave. We address all those who conspire against us and declare 'We forgive you and we bless you'. We cut off all witchcraft operating against us in Jesus name. We claim Isaiah 54:17 and declare that ‘No weapon formed against us shall prosper’. We pledge the Blood of Jesus Christ to dismantle all enemy assignments against us. We put the Blood of Jesus between us and anyone or anything that seeks to harm us. We thank You Father God for all angels assigned to us and ask that You would despatch them at Your discretion.

We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Headship over this Ministry and we give You Lord Jesus the control and all the glory. We submit to you and bind our minds to the mind of Christ.  We claim 2 Corinthians 10: 4-5 and ‘Bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. We cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God’. We bind ourselves to the will of God. We claim Matthew 13:16 over our eyes and our ears and declare ‘Blessed are our eyes for they see, and blessed are our ears for they hear’. We trust that in this session we will know and hear Your voice. And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice.  Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers" (John 10:4-5, NKJV). We ask for any weapon, gift and fruit of the Holy Spirit necessary for the task set before us. 

 Lord Jesus please shine Your light and reveal to us all things needed to set (client) free from all things that are hindering his/her walk with You. We pray Lord Jesus that the outcome of this session will be the will of God. Thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we now receive and believe by faith all that we have requested.”

If a Skype session wait until you contact client and pray in tongues when you make contact

Healing the Wounded Soul Ministry Model Checklist

●● Shine the Light - “Lord Jesus please shine Your light and reveal to us all things needed to set (client) free from all things that are hindering his/her walk with You. We pray Lord Jesus that the outcome of this session will be the will of God, In Jesus name, Amen.”

(Take time and write down what you have discerned from the Holy Spirit)

***Scriptures/Prophetic Acts and Impartations can be done wherever appropriate***

●● Pray in Tongues for 5 Minutes with team and client

●● Sins & Effects  Get client to repent of sin - look for unforgiveness, false protection and soul ties.    (Cast out demons identified).                                                                                                                                                         Confirm


(a) False Protection - (CLIENT) - "I speak to (eg: little boy/little girl you) and tell you that you are safe. I speak to the wall of protection I have created and tell you I no longer need you to protect me, as this is false protection. I declare that My protection is my God-given walls which are salvation (Isaiah 60:18).” 
(Cast out demonic counterparts identified). ***** May need to deal with alters and damaged soul.  For more info on this see The Wounded Soul


 ●Cover the alter with the Blood of Jesus Christ

 ●Address the alter by naming who it is (i.e. Little girl) and ask questions, and/or speak healing into the girl/boy following the leading of the Holy Spirit – (The alter will converse with you).

 ●The alter and the adult will be integrated during the session by the Holy Spirit -(Acceptance and healing between the adult and the alter may be needed.  The Holy Spirit will guide and lead you if this is needed).


(b) Unforgiveness - Look for any unforgiveness (may be towards others, self, ancestors or God) and get client to repent, forgive, bless the offender and release the pain to Jesus for healing.
(Cast out all demons attached to unforgiveness)


(c) Soul Ties - Break all ungodly soul-ties between client and all people identified, and between client and the place of the event.
(Cast out all demons that gained access from soul-ties and pray for healing of all
damage that soul ties have caused. Pray also for God to remove all pieces of tie that has been used and are still embedded).

●● Pray Scriptures, Prophetic Acts and Impartations (If not already done so)


●● High Ranking Spirits (ie: Jezebel, Leviathan, anti-Christ etc) Call upon Jesus Christ to send any Heavenly archangels to aide in this and thank Him. Address the high ranking spirits by name, cast them out as well as every demon under their authority.

*****Explain to client if a High ranking spirit is discerned that it is not a principality over any geographical location, but a demonic prince or power over people.

(See Demonic Hierarchy)                                                                          Confirm

●● Split Soul/AlterIf soul fragmentation was discerned ask the Holy Spirit to confirm that the soul is restored.                                                           Confirm

●● Ask client if they have any healing needs – Pray.  Remember to always cast out Infirmity, Fear/Shock and Trauma


●● Post Deliverance Prayer

Client: “I submit all my hurts, unforgiveness, pain, memories, burdens, mind-sets, feelings and woundings to You Lord Jesus for healing.”

Team Member: I break every curse over (client) life from preconception to the present day in the name of Jesus Christ. I ask Father God that every curse would be replaced with a blessing and that those blessings would transfer on to future generations within his/her bloodline. I ask that You would heal every wound in (client) spirit, soul and physical body from preconception to the present day. Father God I pray that You would target, highlight, anoint and remove every remaining demon who is of no value for Your good works. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the stripes He bore on His body I pray for healing and restoration within every area of the wounded spirit/soul and body. I pray that all fragmented pieces would be healed and would become one within the core of (client) in Jesus name.  I pray that all sins would be erased from the matter of creation and that You would cleanse the DNA from all remembrance. I ask that You Lord Jesus would remove all pain from this spirit/soul and physical body. I pray for a creative miracle in all areas where body matter needs to be regenerated. I pray that you would heal or remove memories where necessary. I pray for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit and that all areas that were once dark would now become light.”

****Prophetically remove the crown of thorns and hand it over to Jesus then pray: - “Renew the mind Lord Jesus into alignment with the mind of Christ.  Destroy all ungodly mind-sets that have formed and replace them with Godly ones. With the blood of the lamb I seal all doorways closed to the demonic and declare that demons can only exit and not re-enter. I bind all demons from returning. I pray for the full armour of God to be placed as protection.”

(Release client) -We release (client) to You Lord Jesus into the third Heaven so You can complete the work in him/her – Amen”.

 *Anoint with oil

●● Cleansing Prayer for Team

We thank You Jesus for Your work here today.  We thank you for the protection You give us.  We pray for strength to be imparted to each team member. We pray against all counter attacks and bind retaliation and revenge, accident and misadventure from any manifestation or attacks against us, and all our families.  We cut all ungodly soul ties between us and the client, each other, the property, building, pets, and belongings. We release to You Lord Jesus any burdens we may be carrying. Any lingering demons we command you to leave this place immediately in Jesus name. We ask for a fresh infilling of Your Holy Spirit.  We give You all of the honour, the glory and the praise – Amen”.

By Tania Francis