Healing Prayer from Covid

“Father God I thank You for the authority You give us in accordance with Psalm 91:6-10 that we would not be afraid of the pestilence that walks in darkness nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday and that no plague shall come near our dwelling.

In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke pestilence, plague and destruction and command you to stop afflicting (name) and to come out in Jesus name.

I rebuke all infection and inflammation in Jesus name.

I pray for healing into all the afflicted areas in (name) body in Jesus name.

I pray healing into the sinus’s, throat and lungs and command all respiratory stress to go in Jesus name.

In Jesus name I pray for healing of the stomach, intestines, and digestive areas, as well as the liver and the kidneys.

I pray for healing in and around the heart and rebuke all inflammation and pain around the endocardial, pericardial and myocardial areas in Jesus name. 

I pray for the brain and rebuke all inflammation and pray that the brain would come into divine order and that the neurotransmitters would function normally in Jesus name.

I pray that all joints and muscles would be healed and function normally in Jesus name.

I pray for healing into the central nervous system in Jesus name.

I rebuke and cast out all death and premature death in Jesus name.

I cut with the sword of the Spirit the long tail of covid and pray that any long covid symptoms would be removed from (name) in Jesus name.

I command all covid to be gone from this body in Jesus name.

Thank You Lord Jesus that by Your stripes we are healed.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

*** In regard to covid I had previously read a revelation from another person that there was a demon behind covid.  I found that a little weird as viruses are biological entities and demons are spiritual. The demon was named ‘qeteb’ and in English means destruction.  Pestilence and plague were also a meaning of qeteb. The Lord then revealed to me that the virus (covid) itself is not a demon but the demon (destruction) is the driving force behind it.  In other words the spirit of destruction will enhance the spread and when you get infected with the virus this demon will try to enter with the virus to cause as much damage as possible. How did Jesus deal with these things?  He rebuked the symptoms and cast out the demons! I have chosen to use the English names for the spirit – destruction, pestilence and plague but you can use the name qeteb also if you would prefer.

By Tania Francis 


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