Reviling Demons 

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that we need to respect demons.  We are not to honour them nor glorify them but instead have a healthy respect for them.  They have been made more powerful and intelligent than mankind and without Gods protection and revelation we would literally be toast.  I have been told about many deliverance Ministers ending up very wounded and broken because they mocked, made fun of and did not respect the enemy.

Yet Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” (Jude 1:9, NKJV). In this verse, three crucial words warrant our attention. The first word ‘contending’ underscores that the archangel Michael engaged in a direct confrontation with the devil, over the body of Moses. The other two significant words shows his reluctance, as he ‘dared not’ bring a ‘reviling’ accusation against him. Reviling is the act of verbally or harshly criticizing or insulting someone or something. It involves using abusive, offensive, or derogatory language to express strong disapproval, contempt, or scorn. Reviling is a form of verbal abuse or harsh language and is often intended to demean, belittle, or hurt the feelings of the person or entity being reviled. It can take the form of name-calling, using profanity, or making hurtful and malicious remarks. Reviling is generally considered impolite, disrespectful, and offensive behavior.

Does that mean we can rebuke satan and evil spirits?  The word rebuke means to express strong disapproval, criticism, or reprimand toward someone or something, often in response to unacceptable behavior, actions, or words. It involves scolding or reproaching in a firm or authoritative manner, with the intention of correcting or admonishing the individual or addressing the issue at hand. A rebuke is typically delivered to point out faults or errors, and it can be done for the purpose of offering guidance, discipline, or correction. Rebuking can take the form of verbal reprimands, expressions of disapproval, or admonitions. Jesus rebuked demons (Mark 1:25), illness (Luke 4:39), nature (Mark 4:39), and His disciples (Matthew 17:17). In summary, while both rebuking and reviling involve expressing disapproval or criticism, the key difference lies in the manner and intention. Rebuking is typically constructive and aimed at correction, while reviling is derogatory and hurtful, intended to insult or demean.

Why did Michael then say ‘The Lord rebuke you’ instead of ‘I rebuke you’. I believe the reason for this is that angels are messengers sent by God for specific purposes and they are instructed to do exactly as God has asked. Michael was supposedly there to protect the body of Moses and the passage in Jude emphasizes Michael's reverence for God's authority, as he refrains from passing judgment on the devil and instead defers to God, saying, "The Lord rebuke you." This phrase underscores the ultimate authority of God in all spiritual matters. Regarding the authority of believers we see that Jesus gave us authority to deal with demons.  This means rebuking them and casting them out (Matthew 10:1), (Mark 6:7), and (Luke 10:19). We see by Scripture and other ways in which Jesus dealt with demons that we need not converse with them, debate with them, or engage with them in anyway.  We are called to simply break their holds by repentance through revelation from the Holy Spirit then cast them out.  If they are playing up and causing a scene then you have authority to mirror what Jesus did by directly rebuking them and telling them to be silent in Jesus name.
(PRAYER) – “Dear God I repent for mocking, reviling, conversing and entertaining demons.  I have not dealt with them correctly which may have resulted in unnecessary attacks and wounds on myself, my loved ones and our belongings.  I pray in Jesus name that You would heal and restore all things that were attacked by demons because of my lack of respect and incorrect handling of them.  Thank You, Amen.”

By Tania Francis


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