End-Time Disasters

Why does God allow Natural Disasters?

As a Christian I knew I loved God with all of my heart.  I experience His love, touch and voice everyday.  This was the God I had grown to know and love. My God could do no wrong - then the 2011 Christchurch earthquake struck.  My heart broke for the people (who were heartbroken and devastated) shown all over the news.  The Bible clearly shows us that natural disasters will occur with more frequency and devastation.  This is God's judgment on a fallen world that is lost.  He has to take drastic measures to save His people from eternal destruction.  I am not saying  that God Himself struck down Christchurch in His wrath, but He has designed a world that over the years will ultimately self destruct.  All of these natural events are already pre-programmed, they are set in place and are going to happen. God is not going to prevent or stop them. When I knew that 'my' God was in control of all things including this earthquake, I realized at that moment I was disappointed and felt incredibly let down by the one Person I counted on, trusted and loved. I went to my  room, I was angry at God.  How could this God that I adored and saw as pure goodness let this happen?  My faith was being tested.  Could I continue on in Ministry promoting Jesus Christ to a Nation when I questioned my own feelings for Him?  I wept and wept because I saw my Spiritual Dad as fallen and not perfect.  How could I love and trust Him again?  I knew then I had a decision to make, do I turn away because I knew I would have to watch these horrors and God wasn't going to stop them?  If I was God I wouldn't let anyone experience pain and suffering, I would step in and put a stop to all this pain. But God, my beloved God was allowing it.  I then came to the realization that I wasn't God and that He has to make awful decisions to save many (you 'have to be cruel to be kind' was what He spoke to me).  During the midst of the earthquake footage God showed me His grief. He was so grieved that these were the measures He had to take to show the lost the way.  He showed me also that He was so grieved and hurt that I felt so let-down by Him.  It was then I realized he was still 'My God', 'My Dad', 'My Hero'.  I still trust Him, I still love Him and I am so glad I don't have His job.  I have to let God be GOD and let Him do what needs to be done.  I made a decision right then (at that moment) to love Him even when He does things that I don't agree with.  I will still promote Him because I believe in Him and His promises. As a human I don't see life as God does. Such events can make us re-evaluate our priorities and think about eternity. People can flock to churches as they realize how quickly life can be taken away. Many amazing miracles occur during the course of disasters. Communities come together to support each other in love, and hundreds of millions of dollars in aid is sent to help the suffering. Christians have the opportunity to help, minister, pray and lead people to Christ. God can bring great good out of tragedies. "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28).

Now is the time for people from all Nations to get their hearts right with God.  Only He can protect us during the many tragedies still to come.  When we reject Jesus Christ and all He stands for, we are rejecting the protection that only God can bestow upon us. 

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By Tania Francis



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