Are Tattoo’s Forbidden By God?

I was recently on Facebook when a post came up on my feed.  It asked the question, ‘Does The Bible Forbid Tattoos’ and included an article from a Bible professor who claimed that tattoos were not forbidden and that the only marks forbidden were that of scarification. The scripture quoted for this was Leviticus 19:28 (KJV) - Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. 

What is scarification? Scarification is a permanent form of body modification that affects the texture of the skin by cutting through layers to purposefully create a scar.

Did the word ‘print any marks’ in this passage mean scarification? The word marks in Hebrew according to Strongs is Qa`aqa` and means incision, imprint, tattoo. This Scripture then was clearly referring to more than just cutting and scarification – it was also forbidding tattoos that are inked or imprinted on your skin. Tattoos are not done to produce a scar - most would try to avoid any scarring. 

What also does it mean to cut your flesh for the dead? This is what I learned ~ Cutting seems to have been the demonic practice of shedding one’s own blood in order to appease the gods of those cultures, particularly for the sake of fertility. Here it refers to cutting “for the dead.” This is done still today in Eastern cultures in the process of mourning the dead.

Tattooing itself included branding of slaves and property, and seemed to almost always identify one with gods, goddesses, and cult practices. 

I scrolled through the replies and came across a lady who wrote that she had tattoos including Scriptures tattooed over various parts of her body and that God had told her He was fine with it as she was now under grace.  I had always believed that God was not fine with tattoos, and although the Leviticus Scripture was in the Old Testament and we are under Grace, why do something that clearly grieves God. My understanding of the Old Covenant versus the New Covenant is that we are saved through believing in Jesus and have our home in Heaven because of Jesus and what He did for us, but when we walk according to the flesh we reap corruption in our physical bodies and lives whilst we are still on earth. I replied to this lady with my thoughts and gave her a deliverance prayer as I believed anything ungodly comes with consequences. I have seen first-hand the damage demonic spirits can do from such practices, including inheriting ungodly soul ties with the person who did them. This reply of mine did not go down to well with the lady I was messaging and after exchanging our thoughts and beliefs and not coming to a common ground we agreed to disagree.

A week or so later the feed appeared again, and I saw our discussion and a new comment had been added and someone had posted two Scriptures that I had not seen before.

Isaiah 44:5 KJV- One shall say, I am the Lord's; and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob; and another "shall subscribe" with his hand unto the Lord, and surname himself by the name of Israel. The word ‘shall subscribe’ in Hebrew is Kâthab meaning to grave, by implication, to write (describe, inscribe, prescribe, subscribe); describe, record, prescribe, subscribe, write.

Isaiah 49:16 KJV- Behold, "I have graven thee" upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me. Graven thee is Chaqaq meaning to cut in; to cut in or on, cut upon, engrave, inscribe; to trace, mark out; to engrave, inscribe (of a law).

I learned that in Isaiah's day it was common practice to tattoo or inscribe the name of your God on to your right hand. It appears that when you put the Leviticus Scripture and the Isaiah ones together it tells a whole new story. God forbids all tattoos that worship other gods, people, animals etc., but does not forbid a tattoo that is tattooed on the right hand and worships Him and His name. This was fascinating to me so I messaged the original lady with my findings. 

I now believe that people need to repent for the tattoos that symbolise or worship other gods.  This also includes innocent tattoo’s that represent creation, other people etc, rather than our creator. In other words, it is all tattoos except that which are on the right hand and represent Jesus Who is the one true God. Many tattoos may even have demonic spirits attached to them that need to be cast out.  

I need to also make a note that although a tattoo on the right hand with the name of Jesus as Your God is not a sin I do not encourage this to be done.  It is not a requirement nor is God asking you to do this.  It is far better to let your light so shine before men and to let them know you by your fruits.

After doing this study another thought struck me when thinking about the book of revelation and the mention of the mark of the beast being on the right hand or forehead. In regard to what I learned I now believe the mark may be a tattoo or inscription rather than a microchip (as many believe) that has the name of the beast embedded within it paying homage to the beast. The symbolisation of the right hand going back to the Old Testament where people would tattoo or inscribe the name of God (Yahweh) surely cannot be coincidental?

(PRAYER) – “Father God in Jesus name I repent for any tattoo that I have received that is not on my right hand paying homage to You.  I break every ungodly soul-tie between myself and the practitioner who tattooed me, and between myself and the object, person or thing that these ungodly tattoos represent.  I command all demons associated with these tattoos to leave me now in Jesus name.  Father God when the mark of the beast comes I pray that You would show me clearly that it is the mark of the beast and that You would help me to resist this mark at all costs. Thank You Lord Jesus, Amen.”

By Tania Francis



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