Walls, Structures and Systems - Many years ago I received a word from a Minister who told me that ‘I would raise up teams of people’. What did this look like?  I did not know. I assumed it was raising up Ministry Teams using the same Ministry Model I was using. I was saved in 2009 and begun our own Team Ministry Sessions in 2011. For five years I (Tania) lead a Team Ministry from our home. The Ministry was all about laying down self and trusting God to show us (and the client) what needed to be done rather than asking for ‘what we wanted done’ as that is what He had spoken to me as being the main emphasis of the Ministry sessions. I then prayed to God and asked Him to help me develop a Ministry Model. I had been to a couple Ministry Training sessions with other Ministries who each used a specific model or method that they taught. Being a person that loves to follow structures and rules (rather than spontaneity) I took what I had learned and developed a Ministry Model and made sure it was all Scripturally sound and correct.  Over time I added more and more to it because I was afraid I would forget to do something important.  The protection prayer got huge, the checklist became large and the end prayer had everything I could think of to cover all our bases.

During that time of doing Team Ministry I started to become very unwell, to the point I had to lay it down in October 2016. When I laid it down the Lord revealed to me that although He was very much in the Ministry sessions we had been doing I had quenched the work of the Holy Spirit because of the fact that I had added so much safety nets to our sessions.  He showed me this was because I hadn’t trusted Him enough and that the Ministry Model I used was from my own thoughts and ideas. In that moment He gave me a word about Methods, Models and Formulas.  This was the word: -

Methods, Models and Formulas -
“The body of Christ has introduced methods and ways of healing.  Jesus Christ is the healer – He is the same today, yesterday and forever.  I will not be put in a box.  It is about getting back to basics – doing it as Jesus did.  No frills or gimmickry just the pureness of God.  Methods = mind-sets.   I use many different ways.  Ministry methods should be a guideline only.  I will not, cannot be put in a box to be used as a formula.  I will do it different every time.  I used many different ways to heal.  Not one is greater than another.  No set formulas – freedom for Me to move. Christian Connection will be unique in the sense it will have no Ministry Model.  There will be no set formula. The prayers on the website are not a formula.  They are designed to teach people about the blockages between you and God.  Jesus is the intermediary Who removes the blockages. Reliance on Jesus.  The prayers are for teaching purposes.  The prayers are for healing.  The prayers are for guidance. Team Ministry as it was is no longer.  I may call you out into the market place.  I may send you to people who need your wisdom, guidance and testimonies.  The Team method you used is now null and void and will no longer be used.  You will use a guideline only.”

I prayed immediately for the guideline and received this: -

1) Pray a prayer of protection

2) Worship and Praise as this activates My presence

3) Pray in tongues as this allows the Holy Spirit to intercede for you

4) Ask Me to show you what the client needs (Take time and write it down)

5) Ask the client to ask Jesus what they would like Him to do for them

6) Pray/Break/Intercede (whatever is needed from what is shown).  Each individual Team member deals with his/her thing with the client separately.  Each pair of the body working together with My anointing in them.  Each Team member interacting one on one with the client.

7) Lay hands and infill with God’s love, light and peace.

At the time I believed it was from God as it was so much more refined than my original Team Ministry Model, so I put it aside and waited as God had told me it was my time to rest in Him and wait for Him to relaunch the Ministry into a ‘New thing’. Over those two years I had many deceiving spirits giving me direction into what the New Ministry was.  Neither of these things gave me that absolute peace and knowing so I just continued to wait. Occasionally I did ponder this guideline though and often thought it looked more like a formula than a guideline but I wasn’t sure one way or another.

In November 2018 I heard clearly from the Lord and He told me to pick up my mantle again and the ‘New Ministry’ was to simply be available to minister to whomever He sent my way and to be available wherever He sent me.  He also told me that my healing would come in His presence when I was under the anointing ministering to others, and that I had already been imparted a double anointing that would be activated when I stepped into it.

A month earlier prior to receiving this word I got asked to join a prayer group with a group of woman. Feeling still very unwell I decided to push myself and join.  We decided to meet once a month, but this soon changed to once a week.  The lady who owned the house and ran the prayer group asked us if we would mind praying for a gentlemen she had met that had many needs. I prayed and asked if I was to use the new guideline I was given two years earlier.  I felt that I was to bring it with me but still wasn’t 100% sure as God had shown me that He wanted me to work more spontaneously in Him without so much structure. I discussed it with the other ladies and one of them felt I was not to use it and that there didn’t need to be a Team leader leading the session and to just let the Holy Spirit flow and use our gifts. I felt that although God loves spontaneity there is still some order needed for a Ministry session to flow smoothly otherwise it could become dysfunctional. The ladies agreed that I would lead the session. The ministry session went very well although I didn’t follow the guideline 100% as I was still waiting for confirmation from the Lord.

The next week our prayer group was asked to minister to another person that needed ministry.  I arrived with my guideline in hand again and I had only just sat down when the Holy Spirit came upon us all and we all flowed in our gifting’s, no one leading for nearly two hours.  To be honest it was the best Ministry session I had ever attended.

Arriving home that afternoon I felt very confused because the week before I used the guideline and that day I had not.  I needed to keep praying about this and  I wondered if the other lady was right and I was not supposed to use any guideline at all – maybe the key was just to be available.  The week before I lead it using the guideline and it was great, today no one had lead it, there was no guideline and it was even better! I sought the Lord and told Him how I was confused and asked Him to show me exactly what He wanted me to be doing.  Immediately I received a word with the peace and knowing and this is what I heard: -
“Walls, structures and systems – you are bound by them. The world system lives by them. Man likes to have structures in place as this gives a sense of protection.  More often than not it is ‘false protection’. Jesus lived each day by following the leading of the His Father. He did not know from one day to the next what was in store for Him. He does not even know the day in which He is coming again, only the Father knows. This is hard for you because you like order.  In God, removing the walls is not going to create disorder because it will cause you to rely fully on Me.  Letting go of control enables you to let Me be in control. Whatever you need for ministering I will show you. Every disciple of Jesus needs to live a life of Bible reading, prayer, praying in tongues and worship and praise as this allows you to connect with Me on a Spirit to spirit level.  You need to nurture and feed your spirit with the things of God on a daily basis.  The world makes the rules.  Just because I do something once does not mean I will do it again or that you should make a doctrine from it.  The Ministry guideline is a guide you should use and live by at all times. The Ministry guideline is this
‘Make yourself available for Me to use whenever and wherever you go’! I will send you out and I will send people to you. Get familiar with the Prayers (PDF) because they are what you will use to minister to set the captives free.  If there is anything new that you need to know, trust Me to show you. The New Ministry is simply about being available.  This is what you will teach.  It is not about formulas, checklists, models, rules and regulations.  It is about availability. As long as you are available I will use you.  Do you need to be an expert?  No, but you need to know My word, My character and My voice. The blockages that the prayers on your PDF's removed gave you the ability to receive more of Me.  The more of Me you have, the more of My power you carry.  Less of you means more of Me! The prayers are designed to remove those things that hinder My flow. Every single person needs to have those things that hinder you from receiving from Me removed from them.  It is in the best interest of all My children to learn what they are, and to have them removed. Lay down your love of rules, regulations and structures so you can operate by following the will of God simply by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in all things.” 

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye (Psalm 32:8, KJV). (Interestingly the word guide in this passage in Hebrew is Ya’ats and means to advise, give counsel).  By this I knew that the first guideline I was given was not from God.  That clearly was given to me by a deceiving spirit.  Although it was refined and even based on scripture it would have only locked me up in methods and formulas again, which ultimately quenches the leading of the Holy Spirit.  The new guideline for the New Ministry that I was to live by and teach to others was very simple, “To make yourself available for God to use whenever and wherever you go”.

(PRAYER) – “Father God I repent for my love of rules, regulations, structures, methods, models and man-made systems.  I lay these down and declare ‘I make myself available for You to use whenever and wherever I go’. I pray that the Holy Spirit would lead and guide me in all things.  I want to live a life pleasing to God.  I lay down control and my own agendas. I repent for the need to have a system in place because I did not trust enough in the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I am sorry Holy Spirit for quenching You, In Jesus name, Amen.”

By Tania Francis


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