Word To The Nations 

Today as I write this word the date is 14/05/2022.  As I spent time with the Lord Jesus today I believe He gave me this word and asked me to release it.  Below is the word written exactly as I received it ~

“There is a war coming. This is to further entrench the broken economy.  The economy will never recover.  Natural disasters will add to this.  There is an uprising of ‘the spirit of the antichrist’ in people.  They are anti the current establishment – the establishment that I put in place.  The Government have been enforcing stricter measures that I did not put in place.  It will escalate.  This is meant to happen.  You cannot stop it. It has to happen to allow the antichrist person – man of sin/son of perdition to come. He is a saviour – he will offer a solution to fix what is broken.  All the nations will bow to him and put him in the place of God.  He is not God as there is only one true God – the man Jesus Christ. He is coming again – to put an end to the abomination that is happening in the world.

We are in the birthing pangs – the time before the tribulation.  The great tribulation comes next – that is the time of the beast (antichrist) when he wages war against the saints.  Many will die for My cause.  Do not fear this time for I will be with you – giving you the strength and peace to face the impossible circumstances for I am the God of the impossible. I am infallible – I cannot fail. This is all to bring about My purpose – My end game.  A new Heaven and a new earth where sin has no place.  We will live in peace and harmony and exude righteousness.  My glory will cover the whole earth.

It is time to get right before Me – to get right before the Lord your God.  When the end times comes upon you if you don’t have My power within you, you will not be able to stand and resist.  The mark of the beast and his system is coming.  Without the mark you will not be able to buy or sell.  This means no supplies.  I can supply all your need – you just have to trust and rest in Me.  This system when it is set up will include everything – you can do NOTHING without it.  Off the grid is how you will have to live – there will be a community set up for this.  I am preparing a place for you.  These things will be put in place before the time.  The time is not yet, but that time is near.  It will happen in your lifetime and you will see it all come to pass.”

By Tania Francis


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