Do I Need Deliverance?

Christians having demons is a very controversial topic. I will even go as far as to say the blatant denial of this is a deceptive ploy of the devil to keep Christians from moving ahead effectively as God intended us. Demons do not want to be discovered operating in our lives. They want to remain hidden so they can go about their tasks unhindered. To accomplish this I believe some demons even operate in the realm of theology, encouraging us to argue and debate endlessly over doctrine rather than meeting the needs of people who are in some form of bondage.  For those of us who have been set free from demons after giving our lives to Jesus Christ, we know without a shadow of doubt that Christians can indeed have demons. (See also Demonisation.) 

We believe Christians need deliverance at some stage in their Christian walk, but the sooner the better for obvious reasons. 
Some other indicators we need deliverance are:

  1. The inability to break free from sinful habits.
  2. You know you are being constantly hassled by evil spirits.
  3. You constantly feel like you are not a good Christian because of your perceived failures.
  4. You lack the fruits of the Holy Spirit - Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Gentleness, Patience, Faithfulness and Self Control.
  5. You are chronically sick, and/or Doctors cannot seem to heal the issue(s) or illness.
  6. Compulsive behaviour.
  7. Attraction to the occult. If you have participated in any occultic practice, eg Ouija Boards, Seance, Fortune Telling, Horoscopes, Hypnosis etc, or Witchcraft, or Freemasonry, YOU will NEED Deliverance!
  8. Traumatic events that have impacted your life negatively.
  9. Unforgiven sins from ancestors (generational curses).
  10. Hereditary patterns like Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Mental problems, Heart disease etc.

We also believe the modern Church's refusal to address deliverance or acknowledge that Christians can even have demons, is a major reason why Churches are so full of messed-up, hurt people.

By Mark Francis




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