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The word Christian means 'follower of Christ' and the word connection means 'the act of connecting, 'a means or channel of communication' and 'an association or relationship'. When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour there is an automatic connection made between you and Him. There can however be blockages hindering the connection and relationship between Him and you which in turn will hinder you from receiving all He has for you.  The blockages are always on our end, never Gods. Many might say that God’s timing can be a blockage for us from receiving from God, so then this is from His end.  God once told me that His timing is when we are ready to receive what He has pre-destined for us – so in this sense the blockage is still on our end.

Blockages are things such as sin, occult activities, curses, unforgiveness, unyielded areas and many more. Blockages do not block or stop Gods power as nothing can block God - they simply hinder 'you' from receiving from Him all that He has for you. This includes healing, wholeness and blessings. This is not because they are more powerful than Him (because His grace is the ultimate trump card), but because He is sovereign and abides by His own moral law of right and wrong and its consequences.  He also uses these things to teach and outwork something in us for His greater good and purposes. Our desire through this Ministry is to reveal these blockages to enable you to receive all Jesus has for you as well as to strengthen the connection followers of Christ have with their creator. The connection Jesus had with the Father is something I believe we can all obtain if we simply allow Jesus through His Holy Spirit to clean out the things that hinder us from achieving this.

We (Mark & Tania Francis) are Holy Spirit filled Christians based in Wellington, New Zealand. God through His Holy Spirit has taught us many things which we love to pass on and share by uploading what we have learned onto this website. Our entire Ministry is based on Healing and Deliverance through revelation of the Holy Spirit to remove the blockages that prevent you from operating in your full potential in God. This Ministry however is not a Healing Ministry where healing is the focus.  The main focus of this Ministry is to become like Christ through the sanctification process.  Sanctification and healing go hand in hand.  The more holy you become the more whole you become. It is about sacrifice and the laying down of self to be raised up into the fullness of Jesus. 

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Our Statement

 "We believe in the Trinity, that 'God' is Father, Son and Holy Spirit 'in one'.  We  believe that 'Jesus Christ' is God (incarnate) - that God himself became human and is 'Jesus Christ', that Jesus Christ died sinless as a man for our sins, and is alive today and lives in us. We believe that Jesus is also the Word of God and that the Word of God (Jesus) still heals today."

The Ministry

The whole Ministry we teach and perform was birthed through myself (Tania). When God saved me in 2009 I was severely broken.  God took that brokenness and created a Ministry from it. He was the father, I was the mother and our baby was the Ministry. He birthed the Ministry from the inner most depths of my broken soul. Every wound and broken part of me God cleansed, healed and restored.  Whatever God cleansed, healed and restored in me became part of the Ministry.  Emails have begun flooding in from people who are receiving healing from our material.  God used something ugly and broken and turned it into a wonderful blessing. Only our wonderful God can do this because He is and always will be GREAT!

The whole Ministry is about Repentance, Casting out spirits and using the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus to heal the spirit, soul and physical body. We believe in most cases these things as well as the love of God are required for achieving and maintaining healing and deliverance. The Prayer PDF's on this website are what we recommend to people seeking deliverance to enable you to learn and set yourself free from those things that ail you. See: Self deliverance prayers.  These prayers will help teach you about areas in your flesh (heart/soul and physical body) that are vulnerable to the devil.  Much healing, restoration and freedom can happen through simply using these prayers.  If more work is needed then having a one on one session with someone who ministers in Healing and Deliverance is recommended.

After a deliverance session it is important for people to know how to use the tools God gave them. The keys to keeping your freedom is first and foremost to stay in a close relationship with God. Spend one on one time with your creator. Start each day by walking in the spirit and declaring what the word of God says about followers of Christ. Renew your mind with His word! The word not only heals and restores the soul, it changes our mind-sets, it brings things to pass, and it literally moves mountains. There is a free downloadable PDF available with Scriptures and Declarations. See: Using the Sword

With our articles and downloadable PDF's it is always our endeavour to provide truth every time but there may be times when a prayer, article or revelation is rewritten to reflect a completely new revelation because the Holy Spirit has revealed to us that we have either been deceived or misinterpreted what He has shown us.  We continually ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any mistakes within our Ministry and we trust Him to do this as He once told us that we were called to teach the truth. The Holy Spirit once spoke this to me:- "If you teach false doctrine and revelation in ignorance but have taken every precaution not to do so I will always reveal this to you because your heart is true and you want to teach the truth. When revelation comes in regard to any mistakes if you can be humble enough to admit your mistakes then this too can also be used for teaching purposes.   It is also up to an individual to test what you are teaching for themselves. The Bible tells you to test everything. This goes for everyone, not just the teachers of My word. Everything needs to line-up with the word of God in its correct context". How do we do this?  We seek the Holy Spirit and ask Him to reveal the true meaning to us.  When we believe we have this we need to use the other tests given by the word of God. "By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established" (2 Corinthians 13:1, NKJV). *If God gives you a word and you claim this Scripture ask God to confirm the word to you He will do so by giving others the same word for you for your confirmation.

"Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge" (1 Corinthians 14:29, NKJV).
"Test all things; hold fast what is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21, NKJV). 
Also does it line up with the Word of God, and does it line up with the character of God.

If there is anything on our website that you believe is wrong and doesn't line up with the word of God then please let us know so we can seek the Lord and amend if necessary.

 By Tania Francis




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