JesusKnocksRelationship with Jesus One day I was in my room when I heard the words “Seek and you shall find”.  I sat down on my bed armed with my pen and paper and asked the Lord what He wanted to show me.  This is what I heard “Seek is to enter into My presence.”  I then received a vision of a Buddhist with arms and legs crossed deep in meditation. "What do Hindus and Buddhists have in common?  Sitting in the presence of their god.  Not the right god of course but being still. Concentrating and focusing on nothing but their god. Look to Jesus.  Concentrate on Jesus.  Remain focussed on Jesus – meditating on Jesus.  Look to the author and finisher of your race.  How do you meditate on Jesus?  You praise Him, you worship Him, You invite Him in.  

When you are first born-again the Holy Spirit enters your spirit. After a time of sanctification and cleansing it is then time for Jesus to enter your innermost being – your heart.  When you invite the presence of Jesus you are opening your mind to receive the mind of Christ.  You will hear His voice, leading you, guiding you.  He is the Shepherd.  He speaks through the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is a gentlemen and waits to be invited in.  He stands at the door and knocks.  You need to invite Him in.  What does it mean for Jesus to enter your heart?  This means you are going to receive the second infilling.  The Holy Spirit entering your spirit is the first infilling.  The second infilling of the Holy Spirit is when you are transformed into a Christ-like creation.  You will receive the mind of Christ. Jesus in the flesh doesn’t return until the end of the tribulation but Christ like sons and daughters will be roaming the earth before this event.  Each time you invite Jesus into your heart and enter into His presence you are giving God permission to transform you through His Holy Spirit. It is now time to enter into the His presence – the presence of Jesus Christ.  Entering into His presence is about becoming more Christ-like.  A whole new level and commitment to spend time with Jesus – just you and Him.  Spending time knowing His voice.  Jesus and God speak to you through the Holy Spirit - 3 distinct persons in one - their voices all sounding the same because they are one.  Look to the author and finisher of your race.  Spending time with the God-head is good.  Learning and being intimate with all three is good.  Each one has a different role and I will show you when to spend time intimately with each one.  Entering into His presence is about Jesus and His role in your life.  Transformation into the Christ-like creation.  Who better to do this than Christ Himself.  Spending time with Jesus is what I am now calling you to do so you can be transformed.  At the moment you predominantly commune with the Holy Spirit but a greater infilling is coming where the presence of Jesus will become prevalent.  The first part of your sanctification walk is all about the Holy Spirit – being lead and guided by Him.  The second part is partnership in Christ where you and Christ in unison crucify the flesh – the will of man that opposes the will of God. Spending time with Jesus is what I am now calling you to do.  You will still hear and work with the Holy Spirit, you will still hear the Father but it will be My voice that predominantly leads you for you will have the mind of Christ.

This next phase of your walk is seeking Me to spend time with Me to get to know Me better.  No agendas – just seeking Me to spend time with Me.  Do you want to spend time with Me?”  I thought about this and I certainly did but I knew that there was other things in My heart that made me want to spend time with Him too, such as to receive more of His anointing and power and also healing for my physical body and soul.  I confessed this to Him that I had hidden agendas.  This was His reply – “Can I tell you what I want.  I want to teach you all about Me.  All you have to do is open the door when I knock.  Seek Me when I prompt you.  I will sanctify your emotions and mind as you spend time with Me.  It is through spending time in My presence that you become like Me.  I will give you discernment to know when it is Me knocking on the heart of your door.  I may call you out from your sleep, I may call you away from your televison, or even your dinner.  If you open the door when I knock you will receive more of Me and I will bring you into the next level.  Intimacy with Christ is spending one on one time with Me so you can share your heart, and I with you.  You can ask Me anything you like in this time. You asked Me about your healing – your healing comes when you enter into My presence.  Once you enter My presence you will never be the same again.  This time of infilling is the second infilling and is known as resting in Jesus.  The more you enter, the more you rest. I take your burdens.  The more time you spend in My word, My anointing, and My presence will be of benefit to you.  It has always been about you.  What can I do for you?  I was created to be a servant.  I am here to serve you.  We are both here to serve in My Father’s Kingdom.  I want to pour out onto you everything I inherited for you.  When you enter My presence you receive all I have to give.  I have so much to give.  Before you can pierce through the veil and enter into My presence to receive all I have to give our Father will test your heart to see if you are ready to receive.  You need to have the right heart motive.  A heart of giving rather than receiving.  A heart of sacrifice.  Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything will be added unto you. Before I can give you everything ‘self’ has to be purged out.  Self becomes self-less.  Before you can receive God has to prepare you and change your heart.  It has to become all about Me.  I’m all about you, and you are all about Me.  This then becomes a perfect partnership.  Each part of the partnership wants to please the other.  Do you want the things of God for the right reasons?  God tests the heart of man and you receive when He sees you are ready.  Partnership with Christ is entering into His rest.  You cannot enter in until God sees that you are ready.  Behind the veil lies His Holy presence.  It is time to enter in behind the veil and spend time in My presence.  Here is where you receive the favour of God.

The third part is the Glory of the Father.  Jesus will return and You and Him will spend time in the Fathers presence.  The intimacy with the Father will be exactly like Adam and Eve had in the garden before the fall.”

I asked Him about those who were not interested in this intimate time with Him – what would happen to them?  This is what He spoke: - “For those who are not interested in coming into this place with Me those who are will provoke them to jealousy.  They will want to seek Me because they will want what you have.  Every person needs to seek Me – to spend time intimately with Me.  This is preparation for the times ahead – it is not just for those who are chosen to carry more of My anointing and power.  It is for everyone.  All My children need to seek Me.  All My children need to know Me.  The bride will provoke the others to jealousy.  No matter what the call of God over your life – all need to enter into My presence.  Those who do not will get left behind because they will not be able to discern My voice amid the chaos and will wander into the wilderness.”  I then got reminded of the ten virgins who out of the ten, five did not have oil in their lamps.

****Find a quiet place and remove every distraction so you can focus solely on Jesus. Ask Him to enter your heart.  Mediate on Him, concentrate on Him. Put your needs aside and simply focus on what He is and Who He is. Rest in Him, praise Him and worship Him.  Speak the word, declare the word for Christ is the word. Pray in tongues and simply rest in Him and let Him transform you. 

*****I once learnt a very valuable lesson on seeking Jesus and felt to share here so that hopefully you won’t make the same mistake I did.  For a long time I would seek the Lord when I could fit Him in – scheduling time aside when I was free.  After a while Jesus stopped communing with Me.  I would wait and He would not meet with me at all.  The less He showed up the more disgruntled I became and started to seek Him less and less.  One day the Holy Spirit asked me to lay aside my television watching time every night for a whole week and instead spend that time with Jesus.  I agreed and on the first night He showed up immediately and we talked for ages.  One of the first questions I asked Him was why He didn’t show up the many times I set aside time for Him because the Scriptures say ‘Seek and you shall find’.  He told me that there were many times He had knocked on the door of my heart to prompt me to spend time with Him and I had refused, ignored or simply couldn’t be bothered.  I immediately knew of the times – they were times when I was preoccupied or relaxed and didn’t want to be interrupted. I had felt a prompting in my spirit but put off Jesus to do my own thing.  No wonder He hadn’t shown up when I decided it was convenient for me.  He told me that He was looking for people who were ready to commune with Him when He was calling them.  He told me that He was standing at the door of our hearts and knocking wanting to reveal more of Himself to us, and we were ignoring Him because it was an inconvenient time. We need to be aware of the inner promptings so we can go to Him and put Him ahead of all other things.  In these times we will receive and learn so much more because we will be like Mary and not Martha who was too busy.  Ask Him to give you discernment of His knocking and repent for all the times you were too busy to commune with Him.

By Tania Francis


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