Hidden Agendas


Today is 23/07/2023 and I received a word that I believe was from the Lord Jesus and He told me to get this word out.


WORD: - “Covid-19.  This is not a normal virus.  It was released on purpose to bring about ‘controlling the masses’.  Who is likely to be herded – who is not?  How many believe alternative theories – how many go along with the mainstream media? They have been collecting data.

What is their agenda?  The Deep States agenda is to take over the world – a totalitarian Government.  This will fail.  People are not sheep and cannot be herded nor conformed – even through fear. When all tactics have failed, they will seek to control another way.  They will bring in a person who is anti the corruption and who has the solution the world is looking for.  There is going to be some huge bombs that go off very soon.  The corruption of the Government at the highest levels will be exposed.  This has to happen.  The world will hate the Government and demand a new system.  The anti-Christ is a wolf but will appear as a sheep – a lamb – the cutest kind! He will manipulate and control and seek to dominate through ‘good works’.  People will fall for him.  They will love him, honour him and worship him.  You will know him.  Those who know Me will see right through him.  You will warn the world.  Some will listen – and it is these ones who are open and willing to receive who will be saved.

What is coming the world needs to be warned of. The world is not going to get better – it will escalate until the end.  The end – when I return with My sword to judge the world.  The world is wicked My daughter – it grieves me so. (At this point I felt the grief of Jesus and I started to weep). I am coming to destroy the world and the wickedness, and it is My heart to save as many souls as I possibly can. I do not violate free-will.  I give man the freedom to choose.  They can either choose Me or choose the world.  I am peace, the world is destruction.  It really is that simple.”

By Tania Francis


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