Get Ready!

On the 30/08/2021 I was about to sit down and watch television when I sensed in my spirit the Lord wanted to talk to me.  I grabbed a pen and paper and proceeded to write what I believe was from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Who were interchangeably speaking to me. This is what I heard – “Things are about to change exponentially, and this will be global.  My power is about to erupt in ways this generation has never seen before.  Why have I waited until now?  My timing.  Things must be bad enough in the world before man will seek Me.  Man has it too good – he doesn’t need Me. Now is the time for all men, woman, and children to seek Me.  The world is failing.  Global warming, they say, or climate change.  It is none of these things.  It is the coming of the end of days.  For those who know the word of God they know it as the ‘signs of the seasons’ for the Son of Man to come again. My power is about to explode.  The anti-Christ will rise up against Me.  He is already in this world.  He begins in man parading as an anti-Christ spirit.  This spirit is anti-everything I am.  This spirit is also anti-authority – you will see him in the protests leading men and woman away from the establishment - the Governing powers I put in place. I oversee the Government.  I rule and reign over all that I created.  Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.  For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. (Romans 13:1-3, NKJV). The god of this world (satan) is working in the people to rise against Me and all that I have put in place.  People will stop listening to the Government.  This means the people are no longer listening to Me as I set these rules in place.  You must obey the Government - the only exception to this rule is when the Government is going directly against Me. As the anti-Christ spirit rises against the Government, harsher measures will come into force. (God had told me earlier in a previous word that these stricter measures are not from Him – especially with things like mandated vaccines where the freedom to choose is taken away).

A new leader will rise up – he will be the solution to the world’s political mess.  He will be part of the establishment but ‘anti’ the current establishment.  He will have the answers the world craves.  He will put in place the mark of the beast system.  Vaccines will be a part of the mark of the beast system but they are not the mark of the beast.  Vaccines are My provision. (I just want to add a personal note that although vaccines are God's provision, to always seek God before partaking as some may have underlying conditions that predispose them to serious side effects.  He once told me that each one needs to seek Him and be shown by Him which direction to take.  Just as herbs are also God's provision some can have serious allergies to certain things). There will come a time when I will not supply the world with My provisions.  I will take away My rule. The leader who is anti-Christ will take centre stage and rule.  He will sit in the temple as God and claim to be God. Those with ears to hear and eyes to see will know it is not I. Many will follow this false god – he will do signs and wonders to deceive if possible even the very elect of God.  Do not fear him - if you follow Jesus Christ closely and walk beside Him you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free. It is imperative that you know Jesus. If you truly know Jesus and have Him in your heart, then it is only ‘Him’ you will follow. Trust this as you trust in Me and obey My voice.

There is a great time of upheaval to come on this world.  It is not from Me.  It is to try the world.  I need all men, woman, and children to know and follow Me for I am salvation. I am the way, the truth and the life and only through Me can you inherit eternal life.  I went through the cross so all who follow Me can inherit an abundant life.  The question is, who will follow?

I am raising up a standard – a group of Saints with the mind of Christ who will walk in unison and in the fullness of My power, as Jesus did.  These ones will preach to the world and perform signs and wonders.  People will believe them because I will be in them. They will teach the people how to follow and seek after Me. They will teach them to learn My voice and follow My light.  The world is coming to an end and only those who are Mine will inherit the new Heaven and New earth. Those who are not will spend an eternity in the fiery furnace of destruction.  I want to save all – I am coming for the whole world.  I want to save the lost and bring them into My Kingdom where they will find peace and eternal life.  It is not My desire that even one should perish. My heart is love.  I am love.  I came to love and to be loved. Many are blocked from receiving My love and from truly loving Me.  The last piece of the puzzle for you My daughter is this, ‘perfect love casts out fear’.  You are being made perfect through My love.  Have you fully received My perfect love? No you have not, why? You have been outworking the blockages that stop you from receiving My love, and also the blockages that prevent you from truly loving Me. Love the Lord with all your heart is the first commandment.  If you cannot do this, it becomes a blockage between you and Me. Do you truly love Me?  Is this not the words Jesus spoke to Peter three times? I test your heart and commitment to Me.  Will you still love Me even when I don’t give you what you want?  This is something that needs to be outworked.  I look for those who still believe in Me and My promises even though your promise from Me has not yet been fulfilled.  Never let Me go!  When you cannot do anything else, this is what I need for you to do – never let Me go!  Pressed down, trodden, and shaken up so I can truly test your heart to see what you believe.  Do you truly believe in My Son and what He came to do?  I look for these.  You don’t have to be perfect – you just have to be Mine and be willing to stand and follow Me every step of the way – no matter the circumstances.  You may stumble but I will pick you up – if you let Me and are willing.

The uprising begins with Trump.  I have chosen him to lead the way.  Turning the hearts of America back to God, then the world will follow.  He will destroy the places of worship to foreign gods and worship only Me. He is about to have a salvation experience that will cause him to worship Me.  He will stand up for Me.  He will glorify Me.  No longer him, but Me.  He will know that I am God, the one and only true God and will proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord. He will turn many back to Me.  The echelons of this world will play dirty.  They will get more wicked in their dealings – no longer hiding, but in plain sight.  They will offer men and woman lucrative deals to sway them into darkness.  They will sway man by offering him  power to choose evil. The ones who are good will not be swayed. These wicked ones will then change tact.  That is when the antichrist will come in.  He will pretend to be good.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing.  A do-gooder who appears to be for the people.  He is evil and he is wicked – deceiving man with his ways. An angel of light. Hang tight for the real Saviour is coming – My Son Jesus Christ – Oh what a sight to see. You will know Him and He will know you.  Teach people My word.  My word is a lamp to thy feet and a light to thy path (Psalm 119:105).” 

My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh (Proverbs 4:20-22, NKJV).

By Tania Francis



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