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Today is 07/01/2021 and the Electoral College votes are being finalised in America to determine the presidential winner. Trump is contesting the results against Biden and calling this a fraudulent election.  America is in chaos, riots are erupting and the whole world is being affected by this in one way or another. 

As many are aware I have had three separate words about revival, an uprising of Gods army and Trump winning.  I have had words to say that the result will be overturned and that Trump will be inaugurated. These words to release have been pretty scary as each step of the way (when I received them) in the natural it appears that my words are very wrong, but in obedience and trust in God I have been obedient in the release of them.  Today is no different.  It pretty much appears it is a done deal and the win will go to Biden.  I came before God and prayed and this is what I said, “Dear God in Jesus name what if my discernment is wrong.  I always go by the knowing of Your voice – I do not rely on feelings but that innermost knowing where my spirit has peace and I just feel confident assurance that it is You I am hearing.  After I have heard from You I scour the Bible to make sure the word I receive is Biblical and can be backed by Your written word.  If I am still unsure I ask for more confirmation and wait until I get it.  I was 100% confidant that I heard from You with the release of these words as I believe my spirit witnessed with Your Spirit when I received these words.  Each time I had that peace and knowing, and I also received confirmation by two other witnesses, but now I am really worried that my discernment is wrong.  Father God if I have this wrong and I cannot discern correctly I will stop ministering instantly and take our website offline because everything I have written was from what I believed was Your voice and if I am wrong and discerning incorrectly I do not want to harm people by leading them astray.  I will also apologise and humbly repent and not start up again until I know Your voice, and knowing Your voice is proven to be correct. Father God If this is all correct and comes to pass as You said it would I repent for not trusting in Your gift of discernment.  I understand that discernment is a gift that You give and by me saying I don’t’ know if my discernment is wrong it could be Your gift that I am not trusting.  I am sorry if this is the case. Please show me if my discernment is right and from You, or if it is wrong and a counterfeit gift.”

I then waited on God and as I heard Him speak I again had that strong sense of peace and knowing that this was My creator that I was communing with.  If this word turns out to be wrong then I have confirmation that my discernment is wrong, and this is a counterfeit gift and I will humbly repent and if it turns out right then I will have confirmation that this is His gift and I am discerning correctly and will continue to trust in it.

This is what I believe He spoke, “How do you perceive My voice?  It is through a knowing using the senses and is My gift of discernment.  It is not based on feelings but on hearing and seeing using your spiritual senses – not earthly senses.  It is something that cannot be comprehended.  Did you get it wrong? No you did not.  You heard, you waited – you asked for confirmation.  You know My voice.  Your spirit recognises My voice.  I trust You to deliver My messages.  I already know that you will be humble enough to admit your mistakes.  I also know you care about people and do not want to lead them astray.  You won’t need to shut down your Ministry, or your website.  I asked You to trust Me and you did.  You stepped outside of your comfort zone and was obedient to My voice.  You will be rewarded.  The election is messy and the world is about to see what the government (who is in allegiance with the god of this world – the devil) will do to protect itself.  This will teach the world not to trust the Governing authorities.  The anti-Christ will appear to be anti-government and anti the current system, but this is simply another strategic plan released by the government to exert control.  He will appear as an angel of light in order to deceive the world.  Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will know the truth. This is setting the stage for the anti-Christ system and the counterfeit anti-Christ saviour who will deceive the world, and if possible even the very elect.  Harken to My voice.  Know and study the word of God.  He who calls upon Me will be saved.”

***UPDATE  -  The date today is 09/01/2021. I have heard from several people concerned that I am going to lay down the website and Ministry if I have the Trump prophecy wrong.  People have told me that I am human and it is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Laying down the Ministry and the website was exactly what I was going to do because I don’t want to hurt people or lead them astray if I have gotten this wrong.  It was not from a pride point of view because I know I am human and humans make mistakes (although getting things wrong is still embarrassing lol) but from a ‘how do I discern now and if I can’t then what if I keep getting it wrong and leading people astray’ point of view.  However it seems God has other ideas (smile) and He really is an amazing awesome caring beautiful Father.  Yesterday I was in my room crying and saying to God that it looks as though Trump is defeated and my words were from a deceiving spirit and now I won’t know how to discern His voice and I kept saying sorry I can no longer do ministry or give words because I don’t trust my discernment and I don’t want to hurt people.  The phone rang in the midst of it and it was a lady who had been given my number.  We don’t list our phone number on our website so receiving a phone call is very rare and most contacts come via email from the website. She told me she was suffering from horrific demonic attacks, including attacks from astral travellers and that she also believed she had a fragmented soul and that no one knew how to help her whilst others believed she was just a nutter.  She sobbed and sobbed.  I told her that I was able to help her because God had trained me specifically in these areas and I knew what was happening to her was real.  I told her I would send her some prayers and would get a team of people together to minister in person once she had done the prayers.  She sobbed and sobbed and thanked me and hung up.  As I put down the phone I thought to myself ‘should I be doing this’, then the tangible presence and love of God fell upon me in much the same way as when I was first born again and baptized in the spirit (which was the encounter with Christ that changed my life forever) so I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was God and He spoke these words to me “You cannot lay down the Ministry.  I need you and they need you”.  I cried and cried and cried.  I apologised to God and retracted what I said to Him. I also knew He had sent her and this was confirmation of His word that I was not to lay down the Ministry. 

When I had first released the word I had an email from someone sending me an article about false prophets, and how they should repent as they did not believe I had gotten it right. When I started having doubts I got an email about backpedalling prophets who had no backbone to stand.  I felt very condemned through this time. I have learned when it comes to Christianity you cannot please everyone. There will always be those who condemn you. The devil uses them to knock you off your stride while God uses these experiences to keep you humble. I then realised that the reason I had such a strong encounter with God in my room when He came to me with His tangible love and presence was because God was being a loving Father showing me that all this is okay. He was showing me that even if you get something wrong you need to learn from it and keep continuing in His calling. Not only this, He was also showing me that even if it turns out I was right not to allow condemnation for my lack of faith to also stop me. People judge each other so harshly but God does not. God is love and although He rebukes and convicts He never condemns.

*****UPDATE - The date today is 21/01/2021.  Today (NZ time) Joe Biden was inaugurated.  I had told people I would repent and apologise if Joe Biden was inaugurated on the 20th as I assumed Joe Biden being inaugurated would prove my words about Trump were wrong. My reasons for thinking this were that my words said (in this order) – ‘Trump would win’, ‘it will be overturned’ and ‘Trump will be inaugurated’.  Today Joe Biden was inaugurated (not Trump) which in the natural appears done and dusted.  However in my spirit and heart of hearts (even though doubt has come through worry throughout this process) I do not believe my words are wrong or that I didn’t hear from God.  One of the biggest reasons for this is that God loves me.  I have prayed to Him many times and asked Him to never let me be a false prophet.  When I received the Trump words (even though I had the peace and knowing) I waited until I got confirmation from other sources.  This is a biblical test and precept.  The two witnesses who confirmed my words were unprompted and happened within ½ hour of each other. One phoned, and the other emailed. Both of them didn’t know my word or that I had even received a word. Why would God let the enemy use His Biblical precepts to confirm my words if they were not from Him. Today I sought Him and asked Him what to do.  I have heard from God and He has told me not to concede and to continue to believe and stand on my word.

This is what I believe He spoke “Why do you think you got it wrong?  What did your words say?  These things will happen in this order - Trump will win (He did win, it was stolen from him), I will overturn (still to come), and Trump will be inaugurated (still to come).  Do not concede.  Do not repent. Do you really think I would let you get this wrong?  My justice will prevail.  You know my voice.  The word for ‘know’ in Greek is EIDO and means to perceive with the senses.  Perceive means to know.  You know My voice.  Don’t doubt.  Stand fast.”

 I don’t know how long it will take to overturn but Mark and I are continuing to stand.

 By Tania Francis


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