The Love of Power

I received this vision and word on 10/09/2022 after asking Jesus what was on his heart.  The vision I received was a dark and stormy night and I could see the thunderclouds when a flash of lightening flashed across the dark sky. Throughout receiving the word, I felt the grief of God and felt very emotional and teary as I wrote what I heard. This was the word that came ~

“Turbulence. Weather the storm. A storm is coming.  The world as you know it will never be the same.  The tribulation is coming.  It is not here yet but it is coming.  The world must come to an end.  I am coming soon!

I am outpouring My Spirit on all who seek Me and want to know Me.  There will be a great and mighty wave of My healing power.  Things are not finished with Trump.  He is still my man whom I have chosen to expose the corruption.  The highest levels of Governing powers will be brought down for all to see.  There is great evil going on in the highest levels of the Government.  Trump will expose it all.

A new normal.  The world is broken – people will not trust the Government.  This all has to come to pass for the anti-Christ to come.  Do I enjoy this?  Absolutely not!  I am grieved to see My creation become what it has become. There are things happening in the world that need to be exposed.  You have been lied to your entire lives.  What is the lie?  Everything is about greed and the love of money. The Bible tells us that money is the root of all evil.  That is what most believe this is all about – money, but it is not.  What is greater than money?  Power! The highest Government officials are seeking power. They exert control and want to rule the people and do this by using their wealth and power.  Power is obtained in two ways - through respect or through devious means.  I freely give My power to those who use if for good.  The devil gives his power to those who will use it for bad.  They have been seeking power knowingly and willingly from the devil. The devil wants to steal, kill and destroy so he uses those who want fame, influence and control to do his bidding.  The devil is the epitome of all things evil and uses money and power to do his bidding. Those at the top have sold their souls to the devil to gain his power.  They do not realise that they are pawns in his end game.  What is his end game?  To take as many souls as possible to hell with him.  The devil will not stop.  Only I can stop him and this is what I intend to do when I come again.  He is using his influence to dominate and gain control of the world.  He is god of this world but I am still God over all! He can only do so much.  I give him a long leash but that leash becomes a short leash the more you seek Me and do My will.  He has less access to you when you let go of the world and the things that are evil. Lay them down and let them go. I am in you trampling the devil underfoot.

Fear not what is to come for I have gone ahead of you and prepared the way.  You will carry My power to a world that is lost and broken.  They will listen because My light will be in you.  My words will be in your voice.  Is it any wonder it has been such a hard walk?  You have been seeking My power – for good, but before it can be fully utilised for good I have to remove that which is bad from you.  There are many in your position – these ones are waiting for a miracle of My power to enable them to do what I have called them to do.  It is coming, it is soon. 

Fear not for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  How marvellous are My works toward you.  I have purposed you for such a time as this.”

By Tania Francis 


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